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The Dunnes Store: A Case Study

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Introduction 1
Standards of quality the company uses to ensure quality is maintained 1
Transformation process – The inputs and outputs of the company 2
Technologies used by the company 2
Value Adding 3
Key Challenges that face the organisation 4
Recommendations for overcoming these challenges and for the future 5
References 6


Dunnes Stores is an indigenous, family owned Irish Company. The Company is a retailer in both the food and textile market who work around the principle of providing competitive prices, high quality products and a vast variety of choices. The company’s motto of “Better Value” looks to draw in all these principles together.
The company started off when Ben Dunne Sr. began working at a drapery shop in Cork, Ireland in the early 1940s. From his experiences here he then proceeded to leave the job to set up his own store, this idea quickly developed and in 1944 Bernard Dunne Sr. set up a new store with the intention of changing the Irish market under the promise of “Better Value” by offering products at a lower more affordable price, This slogan and idea carried on today.
The company's clothing division has a comprehensive range of clothing for ladies, men and children. The homewares department has a full range of items for every room in the home, while the food department sells a full range of branded and own-brand products. The St Bernard brand the own brand label was founded in 1956. The combination of food, textiles and homewares all under one roof makes Dunnes Stores unique amongst Irish companies.
The company got Irish quality food awards for 3 of its grocery products;
Simply Better farmhouse blackberry yogurt: Dunnes Stores, Greenvalley farms
Simply Better dry cure mild back rashers: Dunnes Stores, Karro food
Dunnes Stores sage and onion stuffing: Dunnes Stores, Mr Crumb

In order to get a better understanding of the internal running and processes undertaken within the day to day running of the company we carried out an interview with the manager of the drapery department in Dunne Stores Leopardstown.

Standards of quality the company uses to ensure quality is maintained

The company uses some of the largest suppliers in the business; these suppliers have been dealing in Dunnes stores for numerous years. Within the company there is a director of textiles it is his responsibility to source the best fabric for quality and cost, so that the company has a number of suppliers competing with each other for the orders needed, this benefits Dunnes as it helps to drive down prices and also ensures that quality standards and kept and maintained as if they are allowed to slip Dunnes will be able to quickly move on to another supplier. In head office there is a quality control department that inspects products for quality on a regular basis to ensure that these standards are upheld.
The supplier sends numerous samples to head office of the product, Dunnes head office then send back the...

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