The Dynamic Character In "The Scarlet Ibis"

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Who is the dynamic character in “The Scarlet Ibis?” To answer this question, one must first know what a dynamic character is or means. A dynamic character is one who changes by the end of the story. In “The Scarlet Ibis” the narrator is the one who is the dynamic character. How? First of all, the reason why the narrator is dynamic is he feels atrocious of how he has treated Doodle, his brother. The second reason is the narrator comprehends he should have appreciated his brother more. The last reason is the narrator feels fallacious of what he has done to Doodle; which has possibly led to Doodle’s death.
To improve one’s understanding of how the narrator changes, one must first be acquainted with the situation: Doodle is born with a heart condition. Therefore, he will not be competent to do what ordinary kids could be capable of. No one anticipated for him to live very long. The reality that Doodle will not be able to do normal activities makes his brother, the narrator, miserable. How or why? The narrator has always sought after a brother whom to play, run, and box with.
The first reason of how the narrator changes is that he feels terrible of how he has treated Doodle. Unfortunately, since Doodle can not do what typical kids can, his sadness turns into rage. Even though Doodle is just an infant, the narrator tries to kill him. Once Doodle gets a little older, the narrator forces Doodle to touch the coffin he was going to be buried in and was threatening him that if he did not do it, the narrator would leave him by himself. The narrator and Doodle’s parents make the narrator take Doodle wherever the narrator goes; pushing Doodle on a wagon. Therefore, the narrator desires to teach Doodle how to walk, so he will not...

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