The Dysfunctional High School Education System

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In America, teenagers are taught not to question or object to what is going on in the world. Schools take away teens First Amendment rights by not allowing them to have free speech and voice their opinions. The education given to them is censored and limited, not allowing them to see and know the truths behind everything. By doing this, teenagers are being reared to grow up blind like the current generation of adults. The people of America are failing to see the country as it truly is. This generation of teenagers are this country’s future and will soon be depended upon to be leaders. The system undermines students from exceeding standard education and does not allow them to achieve exceptional proficiency. The quality of education is in a crisis; part of reason for this crisis is the unconstitutional limitations given, including the restrictions of religion.
Religion in schools is prohibited. Students are restricted from prayer because it is deemed unconstitutional to share individual beliefs in schools. The right for students to have religious exercise and expression are intrinsically important for them to form bonds with one another (Religion in Public Schools 1). Taking away religion is taking away unity and common beliefs between students. Imagine taking religion away is like taking pep rallies away. Schools have pep rallies so students can come together to create unification with each other. Religion does the same and yet, is not allowed. Since school does not teach about religion, it can give students false impressions that religious traditions of people are not significant or important. It is a necessary subject to give student’s complete educations so they have an understanding of the effects it has on the world and our country while studying history, literature, art and music. As the First Amendment Center said “Students need to recognize that religious and philosophical beliefs and practices are of deep significance to much of our citizenry” (Student Expression Overview 1). Without schools enforcing this, students will never have the correct understanding of religion or the common unity it comes with.
The limitations placed on high school students are unfair. The right to free speech and expression is disregarded. Students are not allowed to write or talk about certain topics including gay rights, religion, politics, trials, drugs, rape, etc. Information that students are given is censored which does not allow them to the complete knowledge of particular subjects. Schools are even trying to remove controversial books from their libraries to keep students away from the information they contain, which goes against the right to receive information and ideas. The filters installed on the computers also go against this right since it restricts access to information that may be needed for projects or assignments. Schools also take away the students free expression rights and discourage individuality. Students are being intimidated to...

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