The Early Life And Career Of Pablo Ruiz Y Picasso

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An essay following Picasso's early career until his death -

The Early Life and Career of Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

According to Ariane Ruskin Batterberry, Pablo Ruiz y Picasso is considered the most famous

artist of the 20th Century. Picasso always working to improve his artistic skills, he would just sit alone and paint or sculpt anything that would come to his mind. Picasso worked on many different styles of art, such as, painting, sculpting, printmaking, ceramics, and scene designs. As Batterberry brings to our attention, Picasso is said to have lived several artistic lifetimes. Throughout most of his career Picasso was extremely poor, but this did not stop him from being great at whatever it was he was doing (34-35,243-244).

Picasso was born on October 25, 1881, in Malaga, Spain (Batterberry,243). When he was young his family moved to Barcelona (World Book Encyclopedia,448). He liked painting pictures

of the city life around him. In 1896 he entered the school of Fine Arts, where his father was a

professor. Paris was the Center of Art and Literature, he visit the city in 1900, where he fell

under the spell of the artistic atmosphere. He returned later and settled in 1904. He was very

poor, but his studio became a meeting place for many artists Batterberry, 243-244). Picasso had

his first exhibition at the Cafe Quatre Gats in Barcelona. He studied at the Royal Academy of

San Fernado in Madrid for many years (World Book Encyclopedia, 448).

As Ariane Batterberry points out, Picasso painted scenes of the day-to-day life of many poor

people of his neighborhood. He painted several circus pictures, which were mostly for the

amusement of children. He also did paintings in varieties of gray and blue, these were called

"Picasso's Blue Period" (Batterberry, 243). John Kehoe tells us that, Picasso's works were

named by the atmosphere each piece showed. His Blue Period-showed lots of blue colors that

were full of sadness. The Rose Period was a very soft warm optimistic mood. Picasso also

experimented with Cubism, which he picked up from George Braque, a french painter. He used

postage stamps and newspapers which this style of work was known as Collage (135-137).

Picasso was very much influenced by Paul Ciezanne. He tried to show the geometric shapes in

life. Picasso and a friend attempted this and used geometric shapes for the paintings of a band.

This form and style of painting was know as Cubism. He also made several collages by painting

various things using different materials (Batterberry, 243). For 70 years or more his energy burst

through conventional boundaries to discover new releases. Body of works included paintings

and sculpture, they could have very well been the work of a dozen artists. His works...

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