'the Easy Way Out In Life'

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Bill Gates once said, "I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it". This quotation relates to Hemingway because he tends to find an easy way out and demonstrates it through his character's actions. As it is, this statement holds true in literature. In both Hemingway's "Soldier's Home" and "Hills Like White Elephants" ; these stories support the idea of people always trying to figure out an easy route out to any situation in life.

The novel "Soldier's Home" manifests that in order for life to go smoothly with no complications there are solutions with taking the easy path. One way this work proves this point is through a theme. Theme is a central message through the literary work. In the story, Hemingway mentioned, "Vaguely he wanted a girl, but he did not want to work to get her" stating how Krebs wanted to get a girlfriend (Hemingway 2). Also ...view middle of the document...

In the story "Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway also presents the idea of people trying to figure out an easy method to any situation in life. One way Hemingway documents this point is through indirect characterization. Indirect characterization is used based on how Hemingway reveals the personality of the American through the actions the American takes throughout the novel. While the American and Jig were at the bar conversing about abortion, he stated, "it's really an awfully simple operation, Jig. "It's not really an operation at all" (Hemingway 2). This shows how the American desires for jig to abort showing how egocentric he is, not considering how Jig feels or the future of the baby. Also, the American clarified, "Of course it does, but I don't want anybody but you. I don't want anyone else. And I know it's perfectly simple" (Hemingway 3). As the American continues to be egocentric, he is also manipulative, tending to try to get to Jig's head, so she can abort for his benefit. It's simple for him as he doesn't want the child, and he won't be the one going through the pain stating it will be 'perfectly simple'. Indicating that the American is manipulative goes back to finding an easy way out he will have Jig aborted rather than to have the child and acknowledging the responsibilities both will have as parents.

"I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it", once said by Bill Gates. The quote is suggesting how Hemingway contributes to find an easy route out to any situation in life, going back to why he rather suicide himself then prostrating his depression. As it is, this statement holds true in life and in literature. The stories' "Soldier's Home" and 'Hills Like White Elephants' both by Ernest Hemingway does support the idea that Hemingway and his characters try to develop the easy solution in life. Theme and indirect characterization are perfect representations to find that Hemingway does use the characters he writes about to let the readers distinguish how he tends to find the easy way out in life without wanting any complications.

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