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The Eccentric Creature Essay

743 words - 3 pages

A shiver ran down my spine as I fearfully glanced into my garden from behind a curtain, the sight of the abnormal creature in the midst of the autumn leaves made my blood run cold.
How long has he been standing there? I'd lost count of the minutes…or maybe even hours…I don't know anymore, it has all become one massive blur.
For days he has been stalking me, slowly slinking towards me from the shadows . He was aware that I knew he was getting closer. Was this some kind of bizarre game to him? It had to be, why else would somebody so cruelly mock another? He could not possibly be a trick-or-treater from Halloween.
I had tried challenging him, shouting out to him that I was sick and weary of his twisted sense of humor. I threatened to call the police hoping that he would figure out that I was being serious and would leave me alone. My mind spoke sense but my subconscious told me that it was hopeless.
This thing was not human. It was impossible.
The stature of the thing was too large to be a normal human; both its legs and arms were abnormally disproportionate, stretched to almost improbable extents. And then there was his face; the thought of it sent ghastly chills down me even in broad daylight.
There was no face just pure bleached skin, like something from a child's nightmare. The black suit he wore made his utterly pale skin seem to have a strange glow but yet somehow he was still able to blend into the surroundings, staying perfectly concealed.
A slight movement caused me to jump and let the curtain slip back into place, my heart was racing and my face distorted in fear. What was I supposed to do? Maybe calling 911 and reporting a stalker would be my best bet, like I had initially planned.
I mentally slapped myself at the recurring thought sequence my mind was stuck in. No matter how often I told myself it was inane, my brain would tell me to call the police.
Taking a deep breath I dared to take another glance out of the window, slowly...

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