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The Economic And Social Drives Of The Wedding Industry

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3.1 Choice Of Researched Design
The aim of this research project is to look into the economic and social drives of society and exploring why consumers make the choices they do because of these influences. It will also look into depth the different aspects of economic and social consumer theories, looking into how they affect the wedding industry.

The economical drive theories this research project will investigate are that of Kotler, Bowen and Makens (2006) and the consumer decision process. Looking in detail the 5 different steps required in order to analyse a consumers spending behaviour and what influences them. The other part of this project is to look into the social influences and the ...view middle of the document...

This project focused heavily on sociology theories of the ‘consumer’, including theorists like Baudrillard (1998) and more recent ideas from Blythe (2008). Blythe’s theory on consumer behaviour is a key part of this project as he investigates the “Involvement theory”, this is useful because an event like weddings have such personal theme that every guest tries to get involved.

When looking at economics theory Ferguson (2002) and Dobson (1999) were key theorists for this project, Ferguson’s (2002) theory on consumer behaviour has more relevance than other theorists as he explains consumer behaviours and design making, which is key in wedding planning as the whole event is based on consumers decisions.

The two main theorists that this project focuses on are Kotler, Bowen and Makens (2006) and Schiffman and Kanuk (2007), their theories on social and economical influences can be combined together and also the way that it is presented as different ‘steps’ provides a clear and more in-depth investigation into what drives consumers to makes decisions, the other theorists this project has investigated can provide valuable information and explanation for these steps.

3.3 Sample Of Secondary Data
Whilst conducting the research for this project, academic sources had to be determined in wether they would be useful to the research or not. Even though some sources, as mentioned below, where not key in the infestation of this project, they did help determine what theories would be beneficial and it also opened up investigation into new theories that could be applied.

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