The Economics Of The Outdoors Essay

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Chapel Talk November 20, 2014
Good Morning:
How do we satisfy unlimited wants with limited resources? This is the
primary goal of economics. Although I'm not talking about solving world
hunger or deterring the energy crisis (you can talk to Mr. Ames about
those issues). Now Mr. Ames did throw out a profound line earlier this
year. He said, "Economics is the key to not failing life" and I took that to
heart, because, well, one, I didn't want to fail his class, but, two, I didn't
want to fail in life. Economics is not solely about playing the stock market
or solving a country's debt issues. It's about weighing the costs of
something relative to the benefits. An example would be: it's a Friday
night and you want to go to the movies with your friend. But you also have
a paper due Monday in Mr. Nabi's class. You've got 40% of your English
grade in one hand, and wasting a couple hours watching the latest,
mindless movie in the other. Now you're thinking like an economist.
Although, if you ask Mr. Nabi, I usually chose to watch the movie.
Back to the topic at hand: satisfying unlimited wants. Each day we're
faced with them, and each of us must take them head on instead of letting

them completely dictate our thoughts. In my interpretation of the economic
question posed earlier, "wants" are relative to each person and we can
greatly stretch our limited resources to fit the situation. Time is life's most
valuable and coveted resource, it's something that's being perpetually
burned and few of us actually utilize it to the fullest. What would we be
without time? I was lucky enough to realize early on that time is fleeting
and that I must seize it. Even more so, I am grateful to have parents that
took advantage of alternative education and sacrificed their precious time
to enable me to have the freedoms and the joyous upbringing that I had,
which ultimately formed me into the individual I am standing before you.
A resource which I exploited throughout my childhood and continue
to do to so almost daily is the outdoors. Growing up and being
homeschooled (all the way up until 8th grade), I was granted ample time
to roam the woods behind my house or ride my bike up and down the
neighborhood through the snow. This freedom and sense of adventure
was instilled in me from my earliest years. The sweeping hills and endless
trails. The babbling brooks and the sheer rock faces. My earliest
memories were formed around campfires and in the Blue Ridge. During
my elementary school years, I participated annually in the Living Earth

School. The Living Earth School is a wilderness education program
focused on teaching children the importance of the wilderness and how to
survive there. The Blue Ridge mountains, some of the world's oldest
mountains, served as the richest of classrooms. It is here where I learned
how to start a fire in the rain with no matches, how to make cordage out of
plants, and even how to stalk deer in silence. Looking back, I realize that I

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