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The Economics Of Being Famous Essay

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Did you know that being famous can be for better or worse? Even though it had been proven a tremendous number of times that being famous can be dangerous people still aspire to be famous. This paper will tell you about the ups and downs that famous people have, as well as the economics trials and tribulations of being famous.
What is the cost of a celebrity time and privacy? “Celebrities chose to be publicized. I say that some celebrities even purposely tell paparazzi where their location is so that they can be photographed. Also, the paparazzi have the right to the freedom of the press. The paparazzi cannot break any laws like entering property without permission. They are able to do whatever it is that they want as long as they obey by the laws”(Debate).
Celebrities have the right to it, just like any other person. However, A true fact is that politicians and public figure themselves seek to be known to the public. Whether by aiming for to be talked about or moments in the spotlight, celebrities strive to be stars, to be heard, and to be recognized. But, at the end those actors, celebrities, and politicians are by the end humans too. They do need their own privacy and they have the right to it, just like any other person.
What is the harm in being famous? “Of course there is no harm in being famous. But it doesn’t protect you either “(Liam). Many celebrities or otherwise well known people have been caught up in misinformation. It might sound like a dream to become famous and have the world at your fingertips. However, when a person is famous they are recognized virtually everywhere they goes, which means that they has no privacy. They can be followed into restrooms, bothered when trying to eat in pubic, interrupted when engaging with their families, and asked for autographs by celebrity hounds.
“Everything that goes on in the famous person’s life including births, deaths, illnesses, and divorces is fodder for the tabloids. If the individual stumbles, whether figuratively or literally speculation about how they will end up on TV, seeing themselves on the internet, or the front page of the tabloids. Also, if famous people are arrested their mug shots is flashed around the world so everyone can see them in this humiliation moment.”(Cindi Pearce)
Will raising a child in the spotlight be risky? Well, raising children in the spotlight is risky to me because it seems difficult both for them and the famous parent. Celebrity children have struggled with drug and alcohol issues leading to suicide. Growing up in front of the world isn’t easy.
Why do celebrities run into money trouble? “Celebrities appear to have little to worry about in the finance department. They command massive paychecks after all and can often tap into impressive endorsement deals on the side. So why do so many of them run into major money problems? As I read on the internet Britney Spears, Aretha Franklin, Nicolas Cage, and ECT are just a few of the rich and famous who have...

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