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The Chapter starts out with Little Tree calculating his total losses in his dealings with the Christian. Since He paid 50 cents for the calf that he bought, and Granma paid Little Tree 10 cents for the hide, he had lost 40 cents. After some moonshine deliveries, he was making money again.Since Little Tree had to learn five words a week out of the dictionary, one word was misunderstood by Granpa and proved to be a bit of a hassle. When he used a word in a sentence, Granpa would have to stop and figure out what Little Tree was saying. He was working on the word abhor and hw said "I abhor briers, yeller jackets and such." Granpa had thought he had said whores and was quite puzzled. After Little Tree explained himself, Granpa said once again that there were to many words and thats how politicians and such got out of some things because people like Granpa didn't now all of these words. He also said the person that made the dictionary was probably a politician or related to one.Once, when Little Tree and Granpa had delivered their whiskey, he had heard some men talking about the depression and how people in Big cites like New York were hurting themselves over it. There was usually something going on in the store and sometimes a person called Old Man Barnett jumped teeth. He was a dentist of sorts. He wouldn't let anybody stand too close to him as if they would learn his secret to his trade of jumping teeth. Jumping teeth happens when you need a tooth removed for whatever reason. He would set his patient down in a chair and make then but a hot wire in their mouth and then he would hit it with a nail and hammer. This would knock it out. Once someone put their tounge on the wire and had gotten angry with Old Man Barnett and they had gotten in a fight. When they were broken up they were cussing at each other and you couldn't understand the hurt one because of his injury. Little Tree decided not to let his teeth get to the point where they had to be jumped.When Little Tree was at the store with Granpa, sharecroppers came in the store with a little girl. Granpa said that sharecroppers worked land that someone else owned and kept only part of hte profit. They usually didn't get to keep very much, maybe 1/2 or a 1/3. They would borrow money from the landlord in order to buy supplies for the year and barely pay him off and usually only had a little left over for themselves. This happened again and again. They would move from...

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