The Education Of The Lower Class: A Perpetual Problem

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The United States of America has been touted as the land of opportunity. The American dream was the reason many immigrants moved to this nation, all hoping to rise from rags to riches. Although likely at some point, the current situation exudes a different result. The problem in the United States is that there is a class divide that gives advantage to those who already have sufficient lifestyles over those who constantly face adversity. This situation causes a loop where the children of the educated get educated while those without are never given the opportunity to receive.

Class for the purpose of this paper is the concept that those who are better off are of what can be considered to be upper class and those that lack financial means are of the lower class. Mantsios says that there is an absence of discussion in reference to the distinctions of classes (697). In a study performed by Susan Ostrander, in regards to the term “upper class” one woman responded “‘I hate to use the word ‘class.’ We are responsible, fortunate people, old families, the people who have something’” (697). Yet it appears to be opposite that those who are in this lower class realize the plight they suffer. As one student from Fremont High School noted, “‘The owners of the sewing factories need laborers. Correct…It’s not going be their own kids… You’re ghetto,’ said Fortino unrelentingly to her. ‘So Sew!’”(Kozol 645). The student who knew that he was more than likely to be stuff in his place was willing to point out this fault of the system. This topic which more than likely the well-off woman would stray from rather because she had life easier than Fortino will in his lifetime.

How far a student goes in their schooling, up towards university level and beyond as well as how well they perform in school despite the efforts made to equalize schooling, all corresponds heavily to the economic standing of the students (Mantsios 710). A prominent show of this difference is that the students at the middle class school Beverly Hills High School, technical electives are allowed to be filled by useful subjects which could be used to further one’s academic ability while at Fremont only courses like sewing and hair-dressing are available (Kozol 644). The evidence becomes even more visible with the direct correlation between SAT scores and family income where those who make more have children who do better (Mantsios 710). Although there are sure to be naysayers who would argue that those who do not make as much are not as motivated enough to make more or push their children in the right direction academically. This point is invalid as when money becomes an issue it becomes hard to provide children with the best possible education and even worse when already put in the situation where money was an issue when those parents themselves were in school.

There also maintains a visible difference between the facilities of schools which have a different class that resides in the...

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