The Education System In England: An Overview.

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At beginning of your life, when you are two or three years old, you could visit the play school. The nursery school follows when you are about three years. The primary school makes up the most time of your school education. You visit it between you are four and eleven years old. The secondary school is the next step. You visit it when you are eleven till sixteen years old. After this you are educated enough for doing a job. Furthermore you have the choice between secondary school and college. You visit both till you are eighteen but there is a different way of teaching. The secondary school provides you with more academic stuff and ends with the A-level. When you like practical work, visit the college and finish with a vocational qualification.After you have finished your A-level or your vocational qualification you could go to university. The level of your mark determines which university you could go to. There is a lot of competition between the universities and the pupils are working hard for studying at Cambridge or Oxford.Common students are studying three years for the BA or BSC. Studying a language takes you four years because of studying one year abroad. After getting your BA or BSC you could start your MA which takes you one or two more years. It is followed by PHD which takes two years.Ed, my tandem partner, went to secondary school. He had no compulsory subject and could choose three subjects with free choice. He selected French, German, a half philosophy and a half religion. For each subject he had to visit eight hours of classes a week. He got marks. The best mark is an A, followed by B, C, D, E. The mark F means you have failed...

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