The Educational Role Of "Shashmaqom" At The Present Time

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How does shashmaqom influence the listener? Everyone likes to listen to music. Without music it is difficult to live because it is very connected to our life. And now I am going to introduce you with one of the beautiful and interesting kinds of music that you will know what music is this. It is shashmaqom, the Tajik national classical music. The name is interesting. “It was named shashmaqom because it consist of six maqoms, they are “buzruk”, ”rost”, “navo”, “dugokh”, “segokh” and “iroq”.” It is a famous classical music in Tajikistan.. Today even in the world people know the Tajik artists of shashmaqom and respect them, and foreigners are going to learn and play it. It has a beautiful sound, it is performed by an ensemble, and “he main instruments that are used in shashmaqom are tanbur, dutor, nay, kashnay, ghijak, chang, kashgar, rubob and dayra.” It is an immaterial genre that came through teacher to his pupil orally. It had not note, but it had only after 1950 that was done by great Tajik artists of shashmaqom, whose name are Fazliddin Shahobov, Bobokul Faizuloev and Shohnazar Sohibov. It has a long history; it was appeared in time of live of Borbad, the great musician in the middle of ix-x century. It was very famous even in time of Borbad and today it did not lose its value. It is a Sufi music. It is very pleasant to listen to it. After listen the Sufi music of shashmaqom, the listener feels the divine and veritable sense. Before to get to this feeling, first person should listen to it carefully.Shashmaqom is very famous today in Tajikistan. Today the artists of shashmaqom and the Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan pay more attention to the development of shashmaqom genre. Shashmaqom as a classical genre influence to the listener, after when s/ he listen to it, it makes him/her to think what all these phrases mean, and he will try to find the answer to get the meaning. Besides he also feels one of other important thing that is a divine sense. The divine sense makes him close to god because shashmaqom is a Sufi music and it is clear who Sufi is, is the person who is on the way of God, find way to be close to his God, always remind the name of god-“Allah”. He will feel some strength on his/her heart; he will remind the name of God. And then he will get to know what the meaning of those phrases or poems is. After to listen to it, person also feels some important things and s/he will try to choose the right way of live. Why all these happened because it is a classical genre and great poems are performed, that were written by great Tajik-Persian poets. Most of all the poems of Hofiz, Saadi, Rumi, Jomi and others. The poems are very philosophical and that is why it is very influential. Some people can not understand the main meaning.In spite of these shashmaqom is so great music because it cures and helps the listener. Those people who have a psychical...

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