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The Educational System And Social Class

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Historical Events
In order to establish a PHILOSOPHY ON TEACHING, a sequence of events happen in history to open a doorway to “Society about Education and Schooling”, as the description of Public Education Goals for Our Educational System came from the ideas of two famous men, Horace Mann and Thomas Jefferson.
Mann believed “people were created and brought into life with a set of innate, organic, dispositions, or propensities (Mann 1969, pg. 125) and Thomas Jefferson gave the idea of an assigned nature where he believed schools function was for the select, superior people with gifts of virtue and wisdom. He also thought that education could improve a person’s endowment, but gave the failure to provide educational opportunity as it does create abilities or talents (Jefferson (1944) 430-431). These ideas gave a realization of what are associated with our present day education of Equality of Educational opportunity in today’s school system and a remedy for socioeconomic ...view middle of the document...

Today Public Education for me is the balance of “Social and Economic” skills that go beyond a classroom or textbooks. It provides a gateway to our Public Educational System to help people in society to gain an opportunity for a realist future.

Legal and Policy issues
In looking at major spectrum for me as an inspiring teacher there are numerous legal and policy issues that impact teachers today. The most controversial being the No Child Left Behind 2001 Act and how it affects teacher’s autonomy in the classroom, pay, performance, and station at a school. Under this legislation the federal government is directly involved in determining the training and certification of teachers. This also expands federal control into the area of state teacher qualifications (spring, 2014 p.245).
This law affects what students are taught, the tests they take, the training of their teachers and the way money is disbursed on education calling it a "one-size-fits-all" approach to education that overemphasizes testing and doesn't provide enough money to schools to achieve success ( However, this "one-size-fits-all" approach to education is not always the case with many educators as countless teachers were forced to go back to college for additional certifications and test preparation courses to pass cumulative knowledge state examinations.
This can continue to impact educators as federal and state government can change the rules at any time, requiring more rigorous certification and trainings which does not equate to more flexibility in classroom instruction or salary increase and support from administrators. In the challenging issues facing myself as a teachers today are the implementation of the CCS Standards as there are definite shift in the way students need to learn and standards stress that along with requiring that A teacher become a moral teacher in education.
In my opinion teaching students in the classroom “Controversy will probably occur anytime you try to define an academic field by creating learning standards.” (Spring 2013, p.224)
The problem is that the federal government does not know how to teach the educational core standards that they set. So they give the standard that needs to be met, but it's up to the teacher to come up with the plan on how to achieve them.

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