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The Effect Media Has On Children

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There is no doubt that our generation is corrupted because we are so exposed to media and has changed the world on how we views it. There are precisely hundred of channels to choose from all depend on what you feel like viewing especially when it comes to children, that is why cables and satellite providers has built in the parental controls. Bandura's a psychologist that study the observational studies shows preschoolers enthusiastically mimicking the action of an adult pummeling a Bobo doll. His research provided a powerful paradigm to study the effect of entertainment violence. Bandura's found that observation action are likely to be imitated when they are performed by ones favorite characters, most of the time the model is rewarded for his or her action and not punished for his/her action. According to Smith and others 2002, shows an evidence ''That violent behavior is portrayed in almost two third of all television programs and one third of programs depict nine or more act of violence''. That is the reason why question like this has been rises so many times , does exposure media cause aggressive behaviors?
There have been a lot of overwhelming evidence proved that viewing violent and aggressive behavior on television have been a great affect on children. Bandura's found that action are likely to be imitated especially when is play by there favorite models. This shows that children are great imitators they learn and mimic what they see, everything around them when it is constantly viewed both negative and positive. When I was little i can remember learning my ABC by watching a TV program that teaches kids how to read in alphabet and reading of numbers by songs which seems fun. After repeated viewing of this TV program i started reciting the alphabet and numeric from memory. This proved that Bandura's is right with his research that through imitation and repetition exposure children learned. Too much viewing of television violence by children causes greater aggressiveness because they get imitated the same manner has how alphabet is learned and committed to the memory. Nowadays programs on TV like cartoons are not as educative as it uses to be because it all involved cursing words, slang, romantic words and some sexually activities like kissing, sex etc. Which at some certain age kids shouldn't be exposure to.
Violet behavior is portrayed in almost two-third of all television programs and one third of programs depict nine or more acts of violence. I watched a program called Maruy's show that shows make me sick because i see a lot of 7 years old girls acting up on her mom, smoke, drinks curses her mom calling her names like bitch, hoes etc. What a world of corporate. w did this 7 years old get intimated to this ugly act. Children nowadays watch too much violence programs and most don't show the long term consequence of violence. Most of this violent behavior is depicted in ways that are known to increase the...

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