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The Effect Of 9/11 Essay

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On the day of 9/11 there were four planes that were hijacked by Al-Qaeda and crashed onto United States soil. Two of these planes were crashed into The World Trade Center. The third plane into pentagon. The fourth and final plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. This final plane was headed for the White House. Fortunately it did not make it to the White House because of an act of patriotism from the passengers. The passengers of that plane barged into the cockpit and seized control of the plane. Many people on 9/11 died. Several people were trapped under the rubble of the towers and died. However, some people survived through the collapse of the towers and tell their stories ...view middle of the document...

There are many more things listed on the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act is a very good thing but it has also limited citizens from doing things they used to do.
The economic side of 9/11 was a very large sum and felt immensely. $123 billion was spent on the economic side of 9/11. Although, the total cost of 9/11 was $3.3 trillion. $1,649 billion was spent on War funding and related costs. $589 billion was spent on homeland security. Toll and physical damage brought a price tag of $55 billion. For every $1 spent by Al-Qaeda the US spent $7 million. The money spent by the US tributes up to 1/5th of America’s national Debt.(Carter) The cost of 9/11 as you see was great on the economic side. But, some say the cost was even greater on the emotional side of things. Money is a big deal in today’s society and many fear that the US will fall back into a great depression. So much money is spent on other countries that do not help the US at all. The US needs to work on paying down the debt and make this country better. No matter what the cost.
The economic and political side of 9/11 was felt throughout the country and is still felt...

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