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Survival is a necessity that individual needs to know and it needs to be done daily to ensure that humans are able to live on. There are many people in the world that are living well off, yet many people suffer from deadly diseases, food, and the impact from the war. In the following literature, Macbeth by William Shakespeare, The Kite Runner by Khald Hosseini, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, and “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant all show that survival is a key element. Survival is significant for us as human beings; it would is shown differently in the four literatures.
In Macbeth, there is a push for Macbeth to survive to maintain the thrown as long as possible; in order to survive, Macbeth must find creative ways to live on. Macbeth decides to kill others such as, Banquo and Macduff’s family because he does not want them to strip his powers away, either by prophecy or by ratting him out that he killed the king. In order to not allow others take his power away, Macbeth decides to hold his grounds so that it would be harder for others to get the throne away from him. As humans we are greedy to have more than what we need; we plan to show that we are better than others by succeeding them, in every possible way we can dream of. Macbeth attempted to kill Banquo’s child to avoid the prophecy in coming true. Additionally, to succeed others to become King of Scotland Macbeth, he has his mine set on killing King Duncan. After the death, “if [Macbeth] died an hour before [the] event [Macbeth] could [have] lived a blessed life” (2.6.68-69)is a line that Macbeth uses to make himself look small so that other individuals would not suspect that he had indeed killed the king. Succeeding and killing others are the ways that Macbeth chooses to do ensure survival among the people he lives around.
In Lord of the Flies survival is demonstrated and supported by the needs of the children to make a plan to survive; the children go through many hardships while making a plan. It is important to have a leader to form leadership others; by doing so, the children can look up for a role model. As they “vote for a chief” (18) the children is able to form leadership to get their plans into action. Eating is a key element to survive; by eating we are able to concentrate on what we are doing. When they became hungry “they [chose people to] be hunter[s]”. (19) This would help the children to get food; by hunting for food, it shows that they have a life skill. They are able to live longer since they are able to gather food. When one persons plan is not going according to the plan that they had, others would also have a plan that can be better. In this novel, as Ralph announced “who {will] join my tribe and have fun” (166) shows that he is trying to succeed Jack. Jack forbids this plan because it would ultimately tear the group apart, which was shown at the end of the novel. In Lord of...

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