The Impact Of Birth Order On The Personalities Of Children

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In the same family, children become different according to their birth order. When a child is born in a family he becomes either only child, oldest, middle or youngest child of that family. So, children behave with their parents in different way. This is why, I am saying there are differences between children in the same family in terms of their behavior, rights, advantages etc. to their parents and others.

“How Your Birth Order Influences Your Life Adjustment”, an article written by Lucille K. Forer is a nice article which I do really agree with her about birth order. She described nicely through her article about only child, the oldest child, the middle child and the youngest child. I think all her descriptions are very accurate.

I am the oldest son of my family. We are only two brothers in number. My younger brother is 15 years old. My father has a plenty of expectations from me that I will be more responsible for my family. Like- as I’m the eldest son, I have to maintain my family in very near future with my income. So, my father expects that I will complete my study life very soon and take a job for maintaining our family. For this reason, I did not show my childish behavior for the very long. My parents also tend to expect from me to be parental for my brother. As he is 8 years younger than me, I should must take care of him. Like- I should teach him, taking and bringing him from school etc. And I do these tasks. I think myself as a capable and responsible person too what my parents also expect from me. The reason is I get up early in the morning and do shopping from the market like- vegetables, meat, or daily needs. One day my father told me that I am very responsible and capable for any family seeing my everyday shopping in the morning. I laughed and got motivate myself and was proud of myself at that moment. My younger brother, most of the time depends on me. Because, everything he wants to do taking with me. Like- when he plays cricket, always I have to play with him. When I go out for a walk, he misses me hiving me missed call or sending message through mobile phone. From these points of view Forer’s description from her article, is quite accurate for mine.

In case of my friend, Rubel’s family, they are only three brothers in number. He is the youngest son in his family. As a youngest son he is more responsible than others for his family. Like- when anybody quarrel with someone he goes to solve that problem. But the other two do not pay heed to this. One day, a servant has been missed from his house. All of the members of his family were watching television before getting the missing news. Hearing the news at first my friend quickly ran away from home and started to find him out very anxiously. But the other two brothers were continuing to watch television. So, it is the identity of his responsibility. His elder brother works on a multinational company. He is always busy with his job. The middle brother is very lazy. He...

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