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The Effect Of Caffeine On Reactions

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SC 1-The Effect of Caffeine on ReactionsVariables1. Sugar taken2. Exercise3. Activity4. Food taken5. PulsePredictionI will be investigating the pulse before and after taking coke, which contains caffeine. I predict that as you take caffeine it will speed up your reactions. I think this will happen because caffeine is a stimulant. This drug increases the blood pressure and stimulates the central nervous system, this also stimulates the action of the heart and lungs. This stimulant speeds up the nervous system and excites it which increases the alertness. In the nervous system there are gaps called synapses and this decides which choice of action you want to take. This drug speeds up the ...view middle of the document...

4MineBeforeAfter8799Difference+12Class-Computer(Difference before and after drinking coke)-0.02-0.01-0.08-0.04-0.03-0.01-0.02-0.03+0.02+0.04-0.12Average-0.03I found out that as people drank coke which has caffeine in it, the faster the response and reactions are. From the results that I can see, I can tell that my prediction was true. This is because that if somebody took some caffeine their nervous system will be stimulated, so their responses and reactions will be faster. This is because caffeine is a stimulant, and this increases the chemical transmission across the synapses. This keeps the body awake and alert.EvaluationMy experiment went reasonably well, the majority of the results that I have collected went according to my prediction. I found some odd results and there are a number of reasons why they are wrong. Some people could be resistant and can stand this caffeine, depending on how much they drink coffee or coke. Every time they drink it, they become more resistant. Also this could depend on the size of the person, the sex and how fast it takes them to absorb it into their bloodstream. Also this experiment took place after lunch so people could have been playing football or...

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