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The Effect Of Cellphones In Our Society

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In recent years, mobile phones have swiftly become a fundamental necessity in American society as well as around the globe. Since its humble beginnings as an unreliable and bulky device, the cell phone has become an everyday item that is economical and portable. The cell phone began its journey in 1947 when researchers recognized that the range of service areas could be used to increase the traffic capacity of the basic mobile phone by a sufficient number, but it was not until 1973 that Dr. Martin Cooper, former general manger at Motorola, made the first call on a cellular phone. Cooper is considered the inventor of the first contemporary cellphone. As one of the defining technologies of our time, the mobile phone has advanced society in terms of sociability, education, and medicine.
Since its inception, mobile phones have revolutionized society by creating an informative, connected, and participative culture for teenagers and young adults, ranging from ages 13 to 35. This device has been known to maintain and build social relationships as well as enhancing communication and increasing productivity. Kumasi Polytechnic randomly surveyed 250 respondents, and 98.7% of the participants indicated that this device enhanced communication, efficiency, and provided users with fast access to information. A popular form of preserving social interactions is using text messaging as a way to stay connected no matter the distance. In Richard Ling’s The Mobile Connection: The Cell Phone's Impact on Society, he explains how this technological phenomenon has brought the world closer especially “in the United States, [where] people are using up their nationwide-whenever-whatever-anytime minutes to keep in touch across time zones. Teens, who are the archetype mobile superusers, ‘text’ to each other quite literally throughout the day and night” (Ling.4).
With an advancing intellectual environment, education has to allow contemporary technology to keep up with modern-day culture. The U.S. Department of Education began enforcing a legal requirement in 2008, as a component of the Clergy Act, for colleges and universities to stay in touch with their student aggregates in the event of an emergency. Institutions, such as Dickinson and Harvard, are beginning to offer emergency notification alerts, where important announcements, including upcoming exams, sporting/arts events, parent/teacher meetings, absenteeism, and weather related events, are sent as a text message to an individual’s phone.
In the past, texting has been seen as a threat to a teenager’s ability to apply correct grammar on their writing because an adolescent’s natural desire to imitate friends and family, as well as their inability to switch back to proper grammar, may combine to influence the poor grammar choices they make in formal writing. The Daily Telegraph spoke on behalf of this issue in their article entitled “Pupils resort to text speak in [the General Certificate of Secondary Education...

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