The Effect Of Child Abuse Essay

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The Effects of Child Abuse
“Child abuse is more than bruises and broken bones… [it] also leaves deep, lasting scars” (Saisan). There are many forms of child abuse, but all the types can hurt children now and in the future. There is neglect, which is the most common; it is when a guardian fails to give a child what is needed to live such as food and shelter. Physical abuse is when someone hurts a child and causes physical health problems. There is emotional abuse or neglect which is when a person puts down a child or fails to give adequate love and attention. And lastly there is sexual abuse which is ‘any unwanted inappropriate sexual contact’ done to a child, by a parent, guardian, relative, or other individual (Types of Child Abuse). Not one type of abuse is worse than the other, and they all can hurt a child emotionally and physically. Child abuse is not just beatings and bruises, it can have long lasting effects on children’s lives; children who have been abused can experience physiological issues, health problems, and relationship problems later in life.

Children can experience many different psychological issues after being abused. One of the most common issues is a feeling of worthlessness; many children find it hard to regain their self-esteem after being put down repeatedly or being violated for no rational reason. When a child who has been abused grows up they may experience problems when it comes to jobs, they might not believe they are qualified for a certain position or that their coworkers are superior to them (Saisan). Abused children can also have a difficult time expressing emotions, which can lead to anxiety, depression, and anger. It is not uncommon for a child to lash out at someone who is trying to help or to lash out for random reasons. If a child started getting abused at an early age, which statistically is more common (Detecting Measuring Preventing Child Abuse), they can develop anxiety and depression at an early age, which can cause problems interacting with other people. Children may develop problems at school, such lack of concentration or lying, which causes them to be perceived as trouble makers. More times than not, children who have fallen victim to abuse have a hard time staying focused at school because they are constantly in fear of abuse. If the child feels the need to lie at home to avoid abuse it is possible that they started to lie in all situations to avoid conflict. Problems like theses can jeopardize the child’s future to learn and achieve scholastic greatness (Newton). The effects that a child can experience due to abuse can greatly harm them and their future, and sometimes can lead to health problems.
Children who fall victim to child abuse often experience health problems, many of which they inflict upon themselves. Children who are abused often times feel like they are not worth being around anymore, and they attempt suicide; sometimes they fail at the attempt, but other times the...

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