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The Effect Of Divorce On Children

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The Effects of Divorce on the Children

I decided to write on the effects of divorce on children because it touches home with not only me but for many children in the world today. Divorce can have a positive effect or it can have a negative
effect on your children.In most case when the parents decide that there is no reconciliation but to separate they do not take into consideration the effect that it may have on the children. There is a sense of
uncertainty and fear for the unknown circumstances and the children fear the outcome. They tend to blame themselves for the separation and the arguments of their parents. They also, develop resentment
towards one of the parents and in some cases ...view middle of the document...

” Things to be alert and pay close attention to in a child that has encountered this experience is if they show signs of depression, a child that
is withdrawn and has limited or no interest in the things that he or she enjoyed, change in habits such as eating, sleeping and bad behavior. These things should be monitored and taken into consideration
before you react with punishment. “Researchers have found that in most cases, children will adjust within three years.” However, it depends on the children and the psychological effect that it has on
them. It could take up to 5 years or longer.
“According to the US census bureau, fatherless homes account for 90% of homeless and runaway children, 85% of children with behavior problems, and 85% of youths in prison, 71% of high school
dropouts, and 63% of youth suicides and over 50% of teen mothers.”The above statistics bring the effect of this situation to life as well as make you aware of how important it is to take your children’s
feelings into consideration when the decision of divorce is made.
It is also important for parents to be mindful and sensitive to the effect that dating has on their children. If they have not gotten over the divorce then they may relapse and everything that you have tried
to accomplish would be lost. Children do not need to feel like they have lost a parent and that they are being forced to love someone who you as a parent wants them to replace because you are filling a
void in your life. This may slow down their ability to cope. They may become more resentful and withdrawn.
Being a victim of divorced parents I can attest to some of these very same behavioral problems. I was angry with both of my parents and I was left to rationalized and figure things out on my own.
Even though there was an obvious malfunction in our household, it was only a matter of time that things would slowly fall apart...

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