The Effect Of Emissions On The Environment And Government Reactions To This In India

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ndia being one of the largest populated country in the world, as been centre of the environmental pollution issue, To begin with India has became independent in 1947, and started progressing like other nations, Industry revolution started way back in 1952, when first government was formed, they have initiated industry process, however, government has a myopic attitude towards the environmental issues and its impact on future, As we have progressed into new generation where modernization and technology played a key role in making issue worse. The intractable pressure on India, to grow along with other developing nations has forced government to make policies which are industrial friendly and there are set of guidelines given by the government to ensure protection of the environment, however, using a policies loop holes industries started ignoring the guidelines.

To have more insightful view of the emissions which are causing pollution and impact on environment, in order, understand this we need to have understand different types of emissions.

Different Types of Emissions

Domestic Emissions
Industrial Emissions
Technology Emissions
Fuel combustion Emissions
Other Emissions

Domestic Emissions and its impact on environment:

India’s 70% of the population resides in a rural areas, where they use charcoal, wood and agricultural wastes and its residual because of incomplete combustion of this materials, which is used for cooking and other purposes, are causing huge impact on the environment, which generation of carbon monoxide from the incomplete combustion of the charcoal is main factor causing Green House Effect which indeed, impacting the other factors of environment.

As these resources are used in the incorrect way for domestic purpose, waste particles and other harmful gaseous are released into the environment which has a impact on environment and human health. The graphical interpretation shows how environment is getting damaged due to use of wood,charcoal and other agricultural residuals. Apart from this domestic emissions are from urban region which is cause for concern, as we were that refrigerators generate huge amount of CFC gases and urban population do use high power consuming lights which are

causing and increasing green house effect.

Government Reactions: Indian government has taken certain steps to reduce such impact on the environment, like introduced biogas scheme for the rural pollution and implemented, low energy consuming electronic products in the urban areas, by subsidizing the materials and giving perks to the industries for producing environmental friendly products for domestic use.

2.Industerial Emissions and Impacts on Environment: Industrial revolution has begin to show its impact on environment in last decade, droughts and floods caused due to green house effect which has been increased by the industrial emissions most of these are industrial wastes and by products of the production...

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