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The Effect Of Extrinsic Reward On Helping Behavior

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The main area of study will be focusing on whether intrinsic motivation and extrinsic reward will have effects on helping behavior. Intrinsic motivation is defined as the motivation of engaging in an activity is based on self-interest. (Dysvik and Kuvaas, 2013) Extrinsic motivation is defined as engaging in an activity is based on obtaining some kind of reward and ideal consequences. (Dysvik and Kuvaas, 2013) Do people help others out genuinely because of good nature and self-fulfillment? Or it is because of the presence of reward? Does extrinsic reward increase people willingness to help?
In the academic community, there has been a long debate for almost 40 years on the undermining ...view middle of the document...

They argue that reward can only “undermine intrinsic motivation when people are initially interested in the task.” (Pierce et al, 2003) The effect of extrinsic reward is depends on the situation. For example in work place, when people are given reward based on their performance can increase their intrinsic motivation. (Eisenberger et al, 1999) It is because the reward act likes an approval of their ability. The more capable you are, the more reward you will get and thus increase the co-workers’ confidence.
In a research done by researchers in University of Alberta, the researchers wanted to know how external reward would affect intrinsic motivation when the reward is performance contingent. (Pierce et al, 2003) The result suggested that when people are given reward based on their ability, the participants found it more enjoyable for attaining certain level of performance than the others who did not receive reward for meeting a certain level. (Pierce et al, 2003) That is, when the participants feel confident, they find the task more enjoyable because the reward reflected their ability.
Furthermore, extrinsic reward can increase intrinsic motivation rather than decreasing it. An empirical study was...

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