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The Effect Of Feminism On Society

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In the average workplace, women earn 22% less salary than men regardless of their work ethic or what they have to offer to their employer (Lowen). Women around the world have been treated like they hold less significance to society dating back to the ancient Romans. This leads many to question: why does it matter now? In the ever growing and changing world known today women need to take a stand for what they are worth. Many of these strong willed women that are looking for change are leading characters in movies or novels. One book that truly captures the feminist movement and strong women would be The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. In this novel Lily Owens and the Boatwright sisters ...view middle of the document...

Another one of the leaders of this movement was Susan B. Anthony who started the idea of women’s suffrage (Gustafson). For over ten years she worked nonstop to ensure that women would have the right to vote. She only stopped once the 19th amendment was ratified in all states. The third and last wave of feminism started in the early 1960’s and is still continuing today. In the beginning of this phase of feminism the National Organization of Women (NOW) was founded by Betty Friedan (Head). This organization deals with all issues bothering women including same-sex marriage. With all these waves of feminism it is evident that eventually equal rights for all will be achieved.
In today’s time women are treated with much more respect than they were one hundred years ago but they are still not equal to men in all aspects of life. One of these aspects would be Bush’s tax cuts from the 2000’s (Flander 160). In these tax cuts Bush took out many services to women including social security for widowed women, care for children, social services for 80% of seniors and child support. While he did cut many other things that did not pertain to women; these essential services were taken away from many women who live on their own. Another problem that the feminist movement is trying to resolve are the women in other countries than America (Flander 220). Even though this does directly affect Americans, many women still push to help others who can not help themselves. Some of the problems in the Arab countries include forced marriages, domestic violence and terrible jobs no man would ever do. Some may ask; what does the feminist movement have ahead of themselves since they already have so much on their plate? At this point, the feminist movement has died down a bit so it only works at a local level (Head). Some small task that are being worked on are projects focusing on education and how men perceive women. Overall, the feminist movement has made great leaps from when it started and will continue until full equality has been reached.
Feminism is a controversial topic that is commonly a theme in many novels. One of these novels would be The Secret Life of...

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