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The Effect Of Jumping Jacks On Heart Rate Science Lab Report

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How does heart rate increase when more jumping jacks are done at a time?
Leo Maloney
Grade 10
Block H
The aim of this experiment is to find out if your heart rate increases if the amount of jumping jacks done at a time increases.
Research question
How does heart rate increase when more jumping jacks are done at a time?
While you exercise, do you ever feel like you are running out of breath? Do you feel you heart rate or pulse getting higher? These changes do not happen coincidentally. These are very important and natural reactions in your cardiovascular system while exercising.
From head to toe your body need a lot of oxygen so that it can function. Oxygen is carried in the bloodstream to reach all the parts of your body. Blood is created and pumped through the heart and gets oxygen when it passes through the lungs.
When someone is exercising your body needs more oxygen than when your body is resting. Exercising causes your heart to pump more blood and faster which creates a faster pulse. As this happens the lungs start taking more air in, this makes it harder to breathe.
If you get out of breath while exercising it just means that the muscles are working hard. Every time you exercise, it builds up and causes your heart to become stronger and be able to produce more oxygen. This means that you will be able to exercise for longer without getting tired or out of breath. If you try to hard while exercising it can be dangerous; If it feels like too much then you should stop whatever you are doing.
Jumping jacks are a fun exercise that can be done by anyone at any age. They raise heart rate and work your muscles.
If more jumping jacks are done at a time, then the heart rate will increase because by doing more jumping jacks it becomes more vigorous and the heart rate will steadily rise.
Table 2: Independent and dependent variables for data collection
How will variable be measured?
Number of jumping jacks
It will be measured in set amounts.
Heart rate after doing jumping jacks
It will be measured with
Table 3: List of controlled variables
Impact on investigation
Way in which it will be controlled
The computers impact on the investigation is big because without it I wouldn’t be able to record observations, data and results. If paper was used to record information it wold take up too much time because all the information would have to be transferred onto the computer.
It will be controlled by keeping the same computer throughout the experiment.
The jumper has a big impact on the experiment because without a jumper the experiment can’t be done. The jumper is controlled because if multiple people are used for the experiment results could vary since people have different levels of fitness.
The jumper will be kept the same throughout the experiment because if a different jumper was used results could vary.
Heart Rate...

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