The Effect Of Lone Parenthood On The Lives Of Lone Parents And Their Children

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The Effect of Lone Parenthood on the Lives of Lone Parents and Their Children

Within this essay I will firstly be exploring the aspect of loan
parenthood, then looking how it affects the lives of the child whether
it be areas of divorce, separation, co-habitation, death or just
growing up in a one parent family, I will compare one/two of them and
the outcomes it has on the child with a two parent household, looking
into aspects such as how this could affect the child mentally and

I will then look into how lone parenthood affects the parent
themselves in such areas as: income, benefits, employment, housing,
day care etc. seeing how emerging policies could help.

What I also want to find out from this assignment as being in a lone
parent household my self (living with my mum) how the experts go on to
conclude about the lack of social ability a child suffers after a
parent break-up and this also makes them suffer through their
education and their attainment suffers i.e not wanting to get an
education, not caring.

In the nineteenth century a similar proportion of families were headed
by loan parents as today, but now most loan parents are divorced or
separated rather then widowed.

The family in general can be said to be a basic unit of social
structure but then again the exact definition can vary greatly from
time to time and from culture to culture. How a society defines the
family as a primary group and the functions it asks families to
perform are by no means constant.

The traditional image of a family is of two parents and their ‘two
point two’ children (down now to one point four). Social, legal and
financial systems continue to uphold this view, forget the reality for
the one in three families in England who experience breakdown is often
very different, nor does the growing miss-match between public
expectations and private experience help parents and children in their
efforts to re-organise their lives after marital breakdown.

There are estimated 1.7 million one parent families in Britain about a
quarter of all families caring for nearly 3 million children (just
less than one in four) ONS office of national statistics

One consequence of the changing pattern of family structures during
the past 25 years has been a rise in the number of loan parent
households, mainly headed by women (see appendix A).

With rising separation and divorce rates means that children are
experiencing family disruption and loan parenthood. In recent years
single (never married) mothers a category which includes co-habiting
relationships that have gone wrong are the fastest growing groups of
loan parents, for many being a child in a loan parent family will be
only one of a number of family settings they will experience.

When parents separate the children need to make...

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