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The Effect Of Longer School Days On Children

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Do you remember being in elementary school feeling sleepy, wishing you were back in kindergarten where you were allowed to take naps? Was your brain ever so tired that the only way you were able to stay awake was by daydreaming or talking to friends while the teacher was teaching? That is the case with many students in the United States. Not only does the current school schedule prove to be unproductive to students, but also adding longer hours to a school day can have more damaging effects than positive ones.
In the 1970’s the school days used to be 5.5 hours with two recess breaks in the day and one extended lunch period where children were allowed to go home and eat. Now the school days ...view middle of the document...

Student will find it difficult to stay at school later, still have to go home to do homework, and then wake up early to repeat the same thing day by day. The longer school day also leaves less time for family, and extra curricular activities. A senior who attends the Marine Math and Science academy was involved in many school activities such as baseball and cross country, when the school days where extended Raul had to quit the extracurricular activities to get home at a reasonable hour. Raul’s commute is an hour each way and adds on to the long day he already had at school. Public transportation is another factor that representatives do not take into consideration. Children spend a long day at school, they spend an even longer time getting home, and have to rush to eat dinner and get their schoolwork done for the next day. There is barely any time left to relax and unwind.
A main school system that out perform the United States can be found in Finland, According to the business insider, the Finnish school system is very unorthodox, but it works. A few reasons are because children do not start school until they turn 7, children do not take exams or do homework until they are teenagers, most students receive extra help in their first nine years of school in area where they struggle the most, students get 75 minutes of recess, and teachers only work 4 hours a day. The school system in Finland is very different and loose compared to the United States, but 93% of students graduate from high school. The free structure of schooling in Finland could help us understand the mind of a child and how to educate them in more efficient ways. When bombarding a child with a lot...

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