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The Impact Of Lord Byron On The World

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Since the beginning of time itself, there have been many different individuals who have significantly impacted the world. These impacts on the world can have a range, but are not limited to categories such as science, mathematics, literature, politics, music, athletics and much more. However, of all things, among those categories, one of the most significant impacts on the world, comes from none other than that of literature. The achievements of literature have been known to strike deeper into the hearts of people than many other achievements throughout history. In Fact, many of the most significant works of literature come from one man. This man was considered one of the most influential Romantic Writers of all time and was incredibly well renown for his dramatic, lyrical, and narrative works. The person was none other than that of George Gordon Byron, otherwise referred to as Lord Byron. (The sixth Lord Byron) He was famous for writing eight different plays, focusing on very speculative, or even historical subjects (Although, never intended for stage), and created what is referred to as a very “brooding and defiant personna,” called the Byronic Hero. (Snyder 40). Lord Byron was a well renown poet from the nineteenth century onward because of his very significant works of literature, squandered fortune, ambiguous sexuality, as well as his intense political convictions.
Lord Byron had a variety of achievements during his time. Among these various achievements, he had a very significant and profound impact on the nineteenth century and it’s “conception of archetypal Romantic Sensibility. (Snyder 40). “What fascinates nineteenth century audiences about Byron was not simply the larger than life character of the man transmuted into art but the flinty integrity of his mind that penetrated all deception and constantly tested all the limits of skepticism” (Snyder 41). Byron wanted to expose the smug complacencies and absurd pretensions of his time as well as restore the ability to view itself in a much more objective manner. His poetic works such as Harold’s Pilgrimage may verify his own personal desperation over whether or not that goal could ever be achieved. However, throughout all his colorful moods,he wrote with conviction, which were born of both “Sincerity and Strength” (Snyder 41). “Byron's seminal achievement, thereafter, may be his capacity for embodying the strivings of a deep restless age, articulating those longings and doing what all great poets do-namely to return imagination to the world” (Snyder 41).
Lord Byron’s full name, as previously stated was George Gordon Byron. He was the “sixth Lord Byron.” He was born on January 22, 1788 ( He was born with a clubbed right foot, and injured Achilles tendon, forcing him to walk on the balls of his feet which lead to a considerable amount of suffering throughout his entire life ( Furthermore, it ultimately shaped his character. Byron descended from two different...

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