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The Effect Of Parents' Drug Use On Children

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The Effect of Parents' Drug Use on Children

Imagine if the two people you admire the most, the two people who set the example of how life should be, just stopped taking care of you and neglected your individual needs. What could be the reason your parents have chosen to withdraw from your life? If you could examine this picture more closely, you would see that these "types" of parents are the ones who are addicted to drugs and stray away from the needs of their own children. These parents do not realize the neglect they are showing for their children; they are not in the right state of mind to even consider what the child needs. Neglect is not the only risk involved by parents using drugs; this behavior could also result in their own children experimenting with drugs and the child could possibly get addicted themselves. Also, children are more susceptible to be lured in by peer pressure because they receive a delusional picture of what drugs are. They misunderstand how harmful drugs are because they see their parents using drugs, and children look up to their parents for guidance. There are many dangers involved when parents decide to use drugs when they have children. Dangers that parents face when deciding to use drugs are neglect of their children, increased possibility of their children using drugs, and also the children will not know the dangers of using drugs and are more prone to falling into the trap of peer pressure.
Simply stating these risks are not as believable until one actually sees it happen to a particular family. When my father was growing up, my grandfather was an excessive alcoholic. My father can not remember a moment when he saw him sober. Today, two of my father's brothers are alcoholics; they started drinking at an early age of seventeen. My grandfather was truly a horrible father to his children. He did not know how to treat his kids; he never communicated with them. This is a form of emotional neglect, and because of this neglect all three of my uncles and my dad have no idea how to talk or express themselves. They can not even talk to their own children or wives. My father and uncles were drinking when they were young, but only two of the four turned into alcoholics. When my grandfather died, one of my uncles was drunk at the funeral and was asked to leave by our family. This is what happens when parents use drugs while raising children.
Parents using drugs tend to forget about the needs of their children. These needs do not have to be physical; children can be emotionally deprived as well. Not getting the love a child needs could result in lowered self-esteem and confidence, or possibly depression. Children's emotions are very strong and easily hurt, therefore resulting in the child assuming parents do not care for them, or even worse, not love them. Children suffering neglect from their parents will not be able to understand how a caring parent acts. Parents neglecting their children lose touch in communication,...

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