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The Effect Of Ph Of Water On Plant Growth

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The pH scale is used to measure the concentration of hydrogen ions and the acidic and alkaline content in a liquid. The abbreviation pH stands for percent hydronium ion. The pH scale starts from 0 being the most acidic, to 14 being the most alkaline, and 7 being neutral. Water is the only liquid that is neutral, but most other liquids are near neutral, ranging just slightly above or below 7 on the scale.
There are several soil factors that affect plant growth including; “soil bacteria, nutrient leaching, nutrient availability, toxic elements, and soil structure” (
Most plants prefer soil to be slightly acidic, ranging from 5.5-7.0. As like most legumes, ...view middle of the document...

Each cup received the same amount of water as every other cup. Seeds were watered depending on the moistness of the soil and the temperature throughout the day. Every three days plants were measured in centimeters, and individual pictures of each plant and a group picture of all five were taken. The heights of the plants were recorded on a calendar on paper for three continual weeks.
(Results) Pea #3 was the first to sprout, followed by pea #1 and #2. Peas #4 and #5 never sprouted. The pea plant #3 getting water with a pH of 7.0 grew taller than all the other plants. Pea plant #1 was the second tallest plant and was receiving water with a pH of 5.0. Out of the five plants, the one stated in the hypothesis to grow the fastest, pea #2, was the median of all five plants growth height.
(Discussion) The graph (Figure 1.), indicated that pea plants #1, #2, and #3 had the same relative rate. Pea plants #4 and #5 had a different slope than the others three plants but had the same growth rate as each other. The growing rates for pea plants #1, #2, and #3 were constantly increasing. The graph shows the more days that had gone by, the...

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