The Effect Of Emotional Stroop Test On Undergraduate Students Of International Islamic University Malaysia

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Emotion and attention are two different aspects. Emotion is a state of feelings while attention is a concept that people will encounter in daily life. The feelings and concept may arise or encounter differently in different time and setting. Emotion is characterized by physical arousal, behaviour that reveals the emotion and an inner awareness of feelings (Ciccarelli & White, 2009) like sad, happy, anger and anxious. Anxiety disorder is a common disorder characterized by excessive feeling of anxious. According to Baty (2005) anxiety would affects how an individual think do and reacts in daily life. Thinking and reaction of an individual can affect how one organizes their attention.
People went through different kinds of attention like divide attention or selective attention. Let see on the context of reading, when people try to say the colour of the words instead of reading the words it would be difficult. As adults, people have practiced reading for so long that it is hard to read a word that they look at. The situation shows that people encounter with selective attention. Stroop effect is a phenomenon when the semantic meaning of the word matches with the colour it will be easier to say the colour of the word in which it is attributed to the interference from the word in the chore of responding to the colour (Zurron, Goicoa & Diaz, 2013).
However, the classic stroop test had only focused on the participants’ selective attention; the ability of the participants to identify the colour of the words. This classic study has not attempted to measure the relation of emotion and attention. One of the most significant current discussions in relation between emotion and attention is emotional stroop test. The emotional stroop test is one of a tool for assessing attention under emotion. The emotional stroop test is widely applied in the study of attentional bias to emotional words as well as in the study of individual differences in those biases (Larsen, Mercer & Balota, 2006). According to Chajut, Schupak and Algom (2010) who mentioned that the meaning of the colour word no longer affected performances when the attention was caught by the emotion item in the emotional stroop test. For people with attention problems, it was found that cognitive interference of emotion related stimuli would be present in compared to students without such problems (Sideridis, 2009).
Previous researchers asserted that there are gender differences in emotional stroop test (Schupp et al., 2000; Sabatinelli, Bardley, Fitzsimmens & Lang, 2005; Sass et al., 2010). It was found in a study by Feng, Zheng, Zhang and Luo (2011) who found that males and females differed in visual attention. In contrast, Ahmed and Aida (2012) stated that males and females did not show any differences in visual selective attention which is considered a central component of cognitive functioning. Despite the visual selective attention Sabatinelli et al. (2005) mentioned that gender also showed...

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