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The Effect Of Skinny Models In Advertising On Egptian Women's Self Perception

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The effects of the exposure to the idealized images presented in advertisements have been an area for extensive media research for a long time. Many researchers suggest that watching repetitive messages presented in advertisements influence people’s behaviors, attitudes and perception. One area that many researchers are concerned about is how the idealized model figures in advertisements affects women’s perception of the ideal body weight. Some researches claim that when women watch skinny models who are perceived in the society as the ideal feminine figures intentionally or unintentionally they compare themselves to those models. This comparison can cause insecurities, body dissatisfactions and it also can affect women’s confidence and self-esteem. Some researchers suggest that this may eventually cause women to engage in unhealthy eating behaviors or excessive exercising to lose weight; moreover it may cause eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
Problem statement:
This paper’s purpose is to measure and analyze the effects that the exposure to skinny models in advertisements has on Egyptian women perception of the ideal body weight. Moreover, this paper attempts to discover if watching skinny models in advertisements affects Egyptian women’s self-esteem and eating habits.
Literature review
As mentioned above a lot of researches have been conducted about the effects of advertising on women. According to Leon G. Schiffman, Leslie Lazar Kanuk, and Joseph Wisenblit (2010), advertising is a part of every one’s daily life, we are all exposed to advertising every single day that’s why it affects people greatly. A single advertisement may have no effect on people however when this advertisement is repeated on regular basis it affect people perception, acts and attitudes, for example it is generally believed that the exposure to skinny models in advertisements cause insecurities and dissatisfaction for women which may be partially responsible for developing eating disorders. For that reason certain marketers are now trying to feature more realistic models moreover they are trying to promote the idea that although the outer look is important what is more important is the inner beauty.
What can support the previous idea that advertising have cumulative effect is that people...

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