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The Effect Of Smoke, Ash, And Heat Shock On Seed Germination Of Seven Species Of Semi Arid Rangelands In The Central Zagros Region, Iran

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The germination of Astragalus adscendens, was favored by low heat shock (60°C-5 min), but the effects of heat treatment on the rest species did not significantly stimulate their germination. The behavior of seeds of Astragalus adscendens under low heat temperature (60°C) implies some heat induced physiological dormancy (Clarke et al. 2000, Baskin and Baskin 2001). Seeds of most species failed to germinate at high temperature tested (120°C-5 min) in the present study. Maybe their coating could not protect against the effects of such higher temperatures. Lethal effects of high temperature shock on seeds of several species have previously been documented (Keeley and Bond 1997, Thomas ...view middle of the document...

It seems that seed dormancy in Astragalus susianus starts to break down just a few months after ripening, and a longer storage period may lead to loss of dormancy. It is also possible that the species response to fire products can change over time due to dormancy cycling (Baker et al. 2005, ÇATAV et al. 2012). More studies are needed to make a better understanding of dormancy loss in this species.
The active components of the aerosol smoke and ash are chemical signals that improve germination (Van Staden et al. 2000). The species of the families Poaceae and Lamiaceae commonly display physiological dormancy (Baskin and Baskin 2004, Zuloaga-Aguilar et al. 2011), which may also happen in several of the studied species belonging to these families. Physiological dormancy can be broken in two ways: by weakening the seed coat (Baskin and Baskin 2001), which may be caused by the heat shock, Heat may scar the seed coat surface or by modifying the seed hormonal balance or the sensitivity of the embryo to internal GA3 concentrations, which may be caused by smoke.
All two of the Bromus species studied were stimulated by...

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