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Thirty percent of Americans use social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to acquire news and information (Pew Research Center). Examples of such are breaking news, top stories, pseudo news, learning how to “twerk”, and a plethora of information regarding some of our favorite celebrities. Irrelevant concerns, for instance, such as Justin Bieber’s latest arrest or videos doing “it for the Vine” seem to take precedence over current and more significant issues such as unemployment and homelessness. Although there are a number of negative drawbacks from the use of social media, there are also some positive advantages. Based on personal observations and authoritative sources, social ...view middle of the document...

On the contrary, there are also disadvantages of using such social media outlets. In my experience, a majority of what I have witnessed on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are people using the forums as personal therapy sessions, disclosing personal and explicit information, sharing personal interest photos, and at times, discouraging and degrading others’ opinions, beliefs and personal preferences. I strongly believe that these networking sites can be used to make new friends, find family members and improve relationships. For example, my daughter’s father is adopted. He has not known or seen his family since the age of 9. He has felt alone in this world for the most part, as he did not have the best upbringing. He took to Facebook on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 and found his sister, mother, and a host of aunts by the next day. I am amazed at how something that took over 20 years to achieve was accomplished within 24 hours.
However, I believe that these sites can also force relationship deterioration and friendship dissolution. Such antagonism from bickering and miscommunication discourages from building healthy relationships. An illustration of such comes from the front row seat witnessing of a close friend’s marriage dissolving over lies, betrayal, and name calling all of which took place in a social forum for all of our friends and family to see. They went from being married, to separated, to a self proclaimed divorce, to dating other people, to being married again all within 12 months.
Social media has advanced so much that people are more likely to use this tool to meet new people and initiate dating. Amanda Kooser reports in a news article titled “MagnetU drags social networking into real world,” that random strangers can now seek each other out by using a device that seeks out other MagnetU users that share your interests. MagnetU was co-founded by friends Yaron Moradi and Dr. Pinchas Ziv in May 2010. MagnetU is most popular in Europe, Asia, Israel, and the United States. Their focus is to make connections between loyalty programs, physical advertisement, and online social networking.
In addition to the benefits of social media, there are also numerous disadvantages. One of the most talked about issues with social media is cyber bullying and the lasting effects it has on the victims and their families. In 2011,...

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