The Effect Of Social Media On Teenage Future

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Nowadays, there are facilities given to the people all round the world. These people are surrounded by the high and advanced technologies that could be used at anywhere and anytime in their daily work. These technologies could help people to reduce their works. At the same time, they also could contact their relatives and friends and get to know about news from all over the place through social media. But, playing with these technologies and social media all the time could bring two effects to the people’s future especially on teenager, whether it is good or bad ones.
What is good about using these technologies is that it could bring people relationship become closer. People could contact or called their parents, family’s members, relatives or friends through social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others. Trhrough these connections, people can know what is happened surrounding their loved ones. People also have no worries if their phones have no credits because they can access into the social sites just in presence of internet. Besides, for the children who lives far away from their home to continue their study or have to live with their husband after married, could contact their parents via Skype. When talk, it could release their longing for each other. Using all this social sites, people also could increase their friends from all around the world.
Sites like Google and Yahoo also could bring benefits to the people. People could increase more of their knowledge about their country. They also could know about the other countries’ religion, customs, celebrations and others. People also could increase their information about what is happening around the world now by reading the news be prepared by the sites. Through this, people could get to know the condition of the country, whether it is safe or not to go for business’s works or vacations. Muslim people also could know more...

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