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The Effect Of Socioeconomic Status On Limited Access To Healthcare

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What is the effect of socioeconomic status on limited access to healthcare?

Socioeconomic status can limit access to healthcare in many ways. Several Americans do not have the means to receive healthcare although it is readily available to the entire population. A person’s social status, urban community and financial background can all have an impact as to how access to healthcare is achieved. While there are many factors that limit access to healthcare, I will discuss how these particular factors play a role with accessing healthcare services. Why do low income individuals tend to have high risk factors that result in poor health outcomes? What are some of the factors that determine better health outcomes? These are some of the questions that come up when trying to understand the influence of health outcomes. An individual’s socioeconomic status can alter their healthcare choices and status based on education, income, surroundings and/or occupation levels.
How does social status limit access to healthcare? Social status is a combination of education, income and occupation levels (Alder & Newman 2002). It can affect health longevity based on personal circumstances. As individuals, we tend to measure our sense of well-being in terms of those around us. In general, people with higher incomes and education levels have more control over their health choices. They are able to sustain health because they are more likely to have health insurance, thus healthcare is easily accessible for them. However, lower income individuals struggle to maintain proper healthcare. If everyone around you has similar circumstances, what will guide you into doing the opposite? Having higher income and education levels determines better health care outcomes in general. The more education and income people have, the less likely they are to have chronic diseases later in life. Conversely, lower income and education levels determine more risk factors in life (Shavers 2007). Some of the high risk factors that the less educated experience include smoking, lack of exercise, poor food choices, obesity, high blood pressure, and stress. Ideally, everyone needs to make decisions
that will better their health. They need to become educated and find ways to maximize their pursuit of health.
How urban communities’ limit access to healthcare? Individuals that live in urban communities are less likely to receive healthcare services because of the lack of physicians practicing in those communities. Also, urban communities lack facilities to assist individuals with obtaining care. Healthcare choices are usually poor in these communities because individuals do not see a reason to sustain healthcare until it’s an immediate need (Alder & Ostrove 1999) .These individuals often receive poor quality health services when they do receive healthcare. Emergency room usage is prioritized for immediate care if so needed. Additionally, urban communities have a variety of factors that limit...

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