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The Effect Of Tv Violence On Youth

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The Effect of TV Violence on Youth

In this essay I will assess whether violence on television causes
violence in society. This is such a common claim that most people
believe that it simply must be true. However there is no proof
although some sociologists suggest that there is a relationship
between the two.

Teenagers are constantly being bombarded with so-called ‘parental
warnings’ and ‘film certificates’ which intend to provide us with
guidance on what we should and should not be watching, if it be on the
box or at the cinema. Many politicians try to convince us that
television is bad for us, a device which ’corrodes the moral values of
society and corrupts children with relentless images of violence’. Is
this a fair and accurate statement? Or merely a harsh and unfair
account of what TV provides us with?

52 % of children aged 5-17 spend most of their day glued to the ’box’
including me. I believe that the content on TV does not contain much
violent content as it is thought to have. TV broadcasters usually kick
off with a small dose of daytime entertainment, comprising mainly of
DIY and gardening make over shows until the afternoon after which
children’s programmes are shown. Programmes which are broadcasted on
terrestrial TV have to comply with strict regulations before they are
shown to the public-this is the job of the independent television
commission (ITC). The ITC have strong views on programmes of a violent
or unsuitable nature and have the power to control when certain
programmes are shown. Ones that can be considered violent containing
scenes of gore etc are shown later in the night and may be issued with
a warning to the parent informing them of content. This is where I
believe the role of the parent should be more prominent. Content on TV
cannot just cater for children and teenagers but for adults as well
which is why such programmes are shown later. I believe it is the
parent’s responsibility to be able to control what their children
watch and people should generally be less forceful in blaming TV on a

Some people may argue that it cannot be denied that what appears on
screen has no effect because multi-millions of pounds are being spent
on advertising. However the purpose of advertising is to persuade
people to buy products-it rarely tries to change people’s behaviour,
and when it does it usually does not work for example the very
long-running campaigns trying to persuade people not to drink and
drive which had virtually no effect. The government faces a similar
problem today with young smokers who seem quite resistant to health
messages to help them quit.

There are statistics which include that children watch an average of
28 hours of television per week. It has been said this is continually
having a negative effect on them but there is no...

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