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The Effect Of The Impact On The Weight Of A Ball To A Surface

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this experiment throws a ball's with diffrent weight directly downwards to a box full of sand. As the weight of the ball increases, the size of the impact crater changes, assuming the ball is always dropped from the same height as measured from the top of the sand box to the bottom of the ball. The reason behind this experiment is to determine the relationship between the mass of the ball to size of the impact it made on the sand. The size of the impact is the dependent variable, the mass of the ball is the independent variable, and the control variable is the height at which the ball is dropped. Other controlled variables include the the surface of the sand.the experiment is limited to the depth of the sand box which is only 4 inches.
Materials used in the experiment:
* 5 Tennis ball
* Meter stick
* duck tape
* Balance
* Sand
* Box
* Knife
* Black marker

1. Take the tennis ball and weigh it by placing it on the scale
2. Grab the tennis ball and cut it it open by making a small circle on top
3. through the circle just made pour in some sand until the ball weighs .1 pounds confirm this by weighing the ball on the scale used in step one.
4. cover the whole by placing one layer of duck tape over it and ensuring that no sand comes outb of it.
5. repeat step 2, at step 3 add .2 pounds and proceed to step 4
6. repeat step 2, at step 3 add .3 pounds and proceed to step 4
7. repeat step 2, at step 3 add .4 pounds and proceed to step 4
8. repeat step 2, at step 3 add .5 pounds and proceed to step 4
9. at this point you should have 5 tennis balls each one with a diffrent weights of .1lbs, .2lbs, .3lbs, .4lbs,and .5lbs grab the black marker and lable each one respectivly from lowest weight being 1 to the heighst weight being 5.
10. take your box and completly fill it up with sand
11. place the box on an even level surface like a table or on he floor
12. raise ball number 1 to a hight of .5 meters and drop it directly below the sand box
13. record the depth of crater formed by the impact of the ball
14. reset the experiment by covering up the crater with the displaced sand
15. repeat steps 12 through 14 twice to confirm the depth of the crater
16. repeat steps 12 through 15 each time using a different ball
the average depth was calculated as shown below:
daverage= (d1 +d2 +d3)/3 =
there were times where the ball wasnt dropped straight down causing it to not land directly in the box. when this happened i...

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