The Effect Of The Lyrical And Musical Reciprocation In Bach Cantatas 106 And 80

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The Effect of the Lyrical and Musical Reciprocation in Bach Cantatas 106 and 80

Johann Sebastian Bach was an 18th century composer, not a theologian,
yet there are few men in the history of the world who have so
thoroughly captured God’s character and even fewer still who have so
passionately impressed that character upon men’s hearts. While the
music or lyrics of his cantatas alone are often enough to stir a man
to action or reduce him to tears, it is the relationship between the
two that truly seems to reflect all that encompasses God’s greatness.
Two of Bach’s most renowned cantatas, “Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste
Zeit” (BWV 106) and “Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott” (BWV 80), are
prime examples of this. The two have few similarities and yet they
seem to bookend much of who God is. With these pieces, Bach succeeds
in a task where most composers cannot: creating a perfect relationship
between music and lyrics. Through this relationship, he succeeds
where most theologians cannot: transforming this perfect God from one
who is simply feared, to one who is revered and adored in the hearts
of men.

The first written of the two cantatas, “Gottes Zeit ist allerbeste
Zeit” (BWV 106), was most likely written by Bach in August of 1707 in
Mühlhausen, during his earliest years of composition. It is different
from his later cantatas in that it does not contain recitative or
separate da capo arias for he had not yet been influenced by the
popular Italian style. Instead, it was influenced solely by German
hymns. Furthermore, each section of the cantata flows right into the
next instead of having separate movements of sorts, which is more
suitable for the occasion, for it is widely assumed that it was
written for a funeral, presumably that of his uncle, Tobias
Lämmerhirt. Since it was written for a funeral and is one of his
earlier works, nearly all the text is based on the Scriptures,
although who compiled the texts is subject to argument. Some have
suggested Bach himself, since so few of the lines required original
poetic or literary thought. In any case, it was not Bach’s primary
task to write the lyrics, but to match a style of music with those
lyrics. He does so masterfully. Bach opens the piece with a slow
string (viola da gambas) and continuo sonatina in 4/4 time, which is
very pastoral and peaceful. Following the strings intro is a
beautiful recorder duet adding to the tenderness and gentleness of the
piece. The two recorder parts are very close to each other sometimes
moving apart from unison ever so slightly so as to get an effect that
the two are being interwoven forming a long chord or rope, perhaps
signifying that life does not end with death but only begins. It is
not a sad piece written for a funeral, it is instead more empathetic
and soothing, reminding us that...

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