The Effect Of Traveling At The Speed Of Light

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Can Superman really move or fly at the speed of light? Many people think having an object moving at the speed of light is impossible for mankind right now. They also believe that later on, in the 25th century perhaps, mankind can build something that will travel at the speed of light. Are they dreaming? Is it possible for an object to be moving at the speed of light? Many science fiction and fiction movies are saying that it is possible. However, looking at the results of such speed shows it is not possible. The result of an object traveling at the speed of light is that time will stop, the mass of that object will become infinite, and the length of the object will become zero.First, time ...view middle of the document...

Just tell the officer that you were simply trying to live longer, assuming that the officer understands the concept of Time Dilation. In mathematic and physics term, the Lorentz Transform is as follows: "˜t' is the time in motion, "˜to' is time at rest, "˜v' is the velocity of the object, and "˜c' is the speed of light. As "˜v' approaches "˜c' then "˜to' will be multiplying by zero, therefore, "˜t' will equal to zero.Not only the time will equal to zero, but the mass will become infinite at the same time. The weight is of an object is determined by the mass of the object multiplied by the gravitational force, so if the mass is infinite then the weight will be infinite too. If a person travels at the speed of light then that person can try any diet plan on this universe and still gain weight. A simple example of this concept is a person standing on a scale inside an elevator. As the elevator goes up the person's weight will increase. However, if the elevator goes down then the person will be lighter. The faster the elevator goes up, the heavier the person weights and vise versa. Again Lorentz Transform explains this concept in term of mathematic and physics. The formula to determine the mass of a moving object is as follows: "˜m' is the mass of the object in motion, "˜mo' is the object at rest, "˜v' is the velocity of the object, and "˜c' is the speed of light. As "˜v' approaches "˜c' then one has to divide by zero, and dividing something over zero in physics means infinity, instead of undefined like in mathematics.If the mass of an object is increasing then the object must be accelerating. One of the three...

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