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The Effect Of Violent Video Games On Children’s Behavior

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As technology advances, wide ranges of video games come to the market every day. This excites the different age ranges due to their improved game and image quality, and also because of their interesting and new themes or trends. Some games are well liked more than others throughout the years; for example, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, EA Sports games, amongst others. Interestingly, nowadays children and young adolescents seem to be more and more thrilled about violent video games that usually include scenes with blood, death, drug, alcohol or even with sexual content. Television, movies and music are also part of the media violence; however, researchers have proved that violent video games ...view middle of the document...

Twenty-three percent of the parents always or sometimes stop their children from playing a video game if they consider it has content too heavy for them. Lastly 15.5% of the parents always or sometimes actually play video games with their children (see fig. 1). Furthermore, parents who forbid their children to play certain games tend to believe that video games overall have a negative influence on children. The influence of parents in choosing video games for their children has a great impact on the effects the video game will have on the child. For instance, if the video game were rated as violent, the child would probably have some of the adverse reactions aforementioned. On the other hand, if the video game is appropriate for their age, the effects would be completely different, leading them to gain knowledge, learn, and entertain them at the same time.
Since playing violent video games is the main cause of the change of behavior on the child and parental involvement is not always the most desirable, some of the consequences of these actions can lead to a tragedy on the mental health and performance of the child. For instance, one of the theories mentioned in the journal article “Video Game Violence Use Among “Vulnerable” Populations” is that previous anger signs may interfere with the playing of violent video games and this may result into the adolescent’s current aggression4. This explains why violent video games affect the player’s mind, the violent scenes of the game release previous aggression making the individual act violently. Moreover, if less violent video games would exist, our society would be more peaceful.
Comparing the 21st century society with perhaps society from 1920, it can be ensured that because of different factors, nowadays children tend to be more aggressive, resulting into violent grownups and affecting people surrounding them. As explained in figure 2, The Pew Research discovered the percentage of aggression of boys and girls while playing and the percentage of people that tries to stop them. Seventy-one percent of boys present mean or aggressive behavior while playing video games; however girls present only 55% of the same behavior. Seventy-five percent of people reported to try to stop boys from having an aggressive behavior, but only 71% of people reported to try to stop girls from having the same kind of behavior. At...

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