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The Effect Of Wireless Communication On Society

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Today we have time to do everything except think (“Time to Do Everything”). The life we live now with wireless communication is very fast paced (____)compared to the life we lived before wireless communication. We have time to go on social networks and tweet about mindless thoughts, but we do not have time to do more important things, such as reading a book, or spending a couple of hours studying for the next big test they have coming up. They do not realize the time they spend on social networks or texting should have been doing something more important. What happened to going outside to hang out with a couple friends or having a decent conversation with a loved one. Everyone has gotten to ...view middle of the document...

4 million during the 1960’s.

Wireless communication has altered the way we live on a daily basis for sure. 25 years ago the telephone was just used for a simple phone call. But ever since wireless communication it has gotten a little more complicated than that. We are always available at any moment of the day; a text message can be sent in a matter of seconds. We are never lost; all we need to do is push some buttons and we can find our way to our destination in a matter of seconds. We are always connected to long lost friends and family (“IT'S NOT THE PHONE”). The _____ has boosted our nations GDP by as much as 0.5%(__).

Now is this change in our society due to wireless communication tolerable? Well we usually scan articles or books instead of actually taking the time to understand what we are reading. People do not realize that we are sacrificing our ability of critical thinking. Some people can not even do simple math without a calculator in their hand. It is sad to say that there is no time or energy for undirected mental play. Dependence on gadgets is rewiring humans for the worse (“Time to Do Everything”)
(“Walters, Conard”).

Not only has wireless communication changed the way we communicate with one another but it has also changed the way we act. For the greater part people that own a smartphone are on it 24/7. Their phone is the first object they grab in the morning and the last object they put down at night. Because of the explosion in mobile people have become rude; they phub. Phubbing is when you stare at your smartphone instead of actually making eye contact with the person who is trying to have a conversation with you.We are basically learning to disregard the world around us. We can thank smartphones for making our society into a big ol’ sea of stupid (___).
Have we really gotten to the point where we have become that lazy? Some time away from gadgets should do us some good.

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