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The Effect Of Writing Styles On Poetry

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There are those people who I like to call traditionalist, the ones who believe that things must be done a certain all the time without change or revision. Then there are those who I like to call modernist, the ones that like to change and find new ways. When it comes to poetry there is no such thing. Khalil Gibran says, “Poetry is a deal of joy and pain and wonder, with a dash of dictionary.” I say poetry is just a sequence of twenty six letters formed together to make words and those words put together in a sequence to get a reaction from a reader. This solidifies that all poetry has the same goal of rousing the reader, however there are many different approaches of how to reach that goal. To demonstrate there are three well known authors: Marianne Moore, Archibald MacLeish, and Wallace Stevens. There writing styles being: Stevens who reflects the influence of symbolist literary movement, MacLeish follows the Modernist (experimental), and Moore writes like a Modernist but focuses more on animals and nature.
Stevens’ style plunges into the imagination and brings out a new way to look at something, such as any self-respecting Symbolist would. Symbolism first occurred in the late nineteenth century; they believed that emotions are difficult to communicate because people perceive the world is very personal ways. They use symbols—people, places, and objects to represent ideas beyond one concrete meaning. For an example in Of Modern Poetry there are many phrases the can be interpreted differently, “To find: the scene was set: it repeated what Was in the script.” This can be taken in the literal sense of someone reading a play, or it could be history is repeating itself. Just as Nicholas Clarimont said once, “Those who do no learn history are doomed to repeat it.”-Nicholas Clairmont.
Archibald MacLeish’s poetry follows the nontraditional modernist’s approach, which is seen as experimental. However, later on in his life he wrote more traditional poetry about political and social issues. Ars Poetica inspired by the ancient Roman poet Horace’s Ars Poetica, but is written with a twist on the words. The poem is about how a poem should be, I find this ironic because it was written so long ago only to be revised differently later on. The poem says, “A poem should be palpable and mute As a globed fruit.” The poem goes on and ends saying that a poem should not have to been anything but just be. Much like how Ezera Pound, a writer, thought, “Don’t mess up the perception of one...

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