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The Effect Reality Television Has On Today's Society

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In today’s society, reality television has become one of the most watched programs on a regular basis. When some people here the phrase, “reality television”, they automatically associated that with the idea of whatever they are seeing is 100% real and they are getting a firsthand view. This is a misconception that so many people have that causes a problem in what is perceived as real in today’s society. Reality television mainly consists of various programs which significance is to showcase people appearing as themselves in a variety of different situations on a day to day basis.
Many reality shows revolve around some sort of competition (such as survivor and America’s next top model), while others feature celebrity figures in their everyday lives (such as Basketball wives, Real housewives and keeping up with the Kardashians). There are also shows that centers on small groups of unknown individuals or average everyday people, and examine their interactions with one another (such as Jersey Shore and Real world). In addition, you'll find shows that focus on teen pregnancy and the lives of teen moms (such as Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant).
Whatever forms that they takes, reality shows seek to create entertainment for the public from the uncertainty of unscripted moments and events. They also look to present shocking, awkward or otherwise provocative situations which is a consistent characteristic of most reality programming. Many of these shows are edited to create a specific theme or outcome, making them less reality. The attention of the reality shows tends to swing towards violent behavior or display various negative behaviors that we would not expect to see and portray it as “normal”.
For many people, reality television is considered the lowest form of entertainment and is an insult to our collective intelligence. It glorifies abuse, raises shallow personalities and promotes dysfunctional relationships. This type of behavior goes against what is considered the social norm in society. Yet, we still watch these shows. Some people watch reality TV because it makes them feel superior. Others watch because they want to see other people humiliated. Either way were are still apart of the problem that is reality television.
The real effect that reality television has on today’s society is the influence it has on young children. On average, children watch at least four hours of television a day. By the time they graduate from High School they will have spent more time in front of the television than they have in a classroom. This is shocking that more attention is on television than in education. When young children are exposed to the various reality shows, they tend to copy what they see as well as associate what they see with real life.
In an article written by Kevin Bliss he states that “One Australian study revealed that children who watched reality programming were significantly more likely to associate wealth, popularity and beauty as factors...

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