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The Impact That Lenin Had On Russia And The Russian People

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The Impact that Lenin had on Russia and the Russian People

Russia was an enormous empire and had over 55,650,000 Russians in it.
The leader of Russia from 1905 to 1917 was Tsar Nicholas II (emperor)
who was ruler of Russia. The Tsar was independent and had autocratic
power, which meant that he shared his power with no one, meaning
Russia didn't have to vote. Before the Tsar was in power the Russian
army performed a war against Japan and lost because their army was
very unequipped and was made up of conscripts (people forced in the

The Tsar had many supporters such as The Nobles, The Church, The
Middle Class, The Peasants and Workers. However he had many people who
opposed him e.g. Kadets, Social Revolutionaries, Social Democrats,
Bolsheviks and The Mensheviks.

Russia was made up of three main groups, which were: -

The Liberals or sometimes called the Kadets. The Kadets were a large
group of middle class people e.g. teachers, lawyers etc. The middle
class people wanted an elected duma (parliament). Their support was
restricted to well educated and wealthy populated towns, as they had
nothing. The political reform offered nothing to attract the support
of the peasants and the workers. These people wanted to share power
but didn't want to get rid of the Tsar.

The Social Revolutionaries who had small support from the peasants.
Once the Social Revolutionaries were in power they would change the
system land of ownership to make life better for the peasants and for
the peasants to have more land. Although the support seemed huge, the
very size of the country and the ignorance of the peasantry made it
impossible to organize a mass movement.

The Social Democrats was another main group in Russia. The factory
workers mainly supported these people because all the existing
Governments would be overthrown and all the wealth would be shared
evenly. These people wanted a complete and radical change and wanted
to get rid of the Tsar.

In 1905 there was a revolution, which failed, once the war-ended
things got really bad in Russia because mutinies were happening in the
army because they had no equipment, food and training. Strikes broke
out and around 250,000 people went on strike because the peasants
didn't get land, the soldiers wanted to lead there normal lives again
and get a job, also Social Revolutionaries wanted a Duma which was a
parliament. So the Tsar set up a Duma but didn't really listen to
their suggestions and if...

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