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The Effect That Private Property Has On The Actions Of Individuals

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Private property has been a crucial human right for hundreds of years and has been very influential on the actions of individuals. Private property is having the right to have complete jurisdiction over obtained goods or resources; however, private property usually refers to land owned by a single individual or to a group of individuals. Because private property is controlled by a private owner, one is able to use the product or land to its fullest value creating something of value that contributes to the growth of society. Some political views, such as Socialism and Communism, do not agree that private property has a favorable effect on individuals such as the more socialistic view, influenced by Karl Marx’s ideas that the actions of individuals are not beneficial when having private property. However, most people argue that private property creates a peaceful competition for the control of economic resources.
Private property gives individuals full responsibility for their actions concerning their private properties. To most nations around the world, private property is seen as a privilege to have because it is a freedom, such as privacy is a privilege or freedom. One has complete control over a personal belonging. Private property is having the right to do whatever one wants with what he or she owns. President Calvin Coolidge has been quoted as saying, “Ultimately, property rights and personal rights are the same thing.” meaning that having the right to one’s own property is a personal right and privilege one has gained in the quest for universal human rights. Private property owners have the right to do whatever they want with the land and rent out properties or resources. No legislation can tell an individual the actions he or she must take regarding his or her private property because then there would be and imbalance in power between the state and the individual.
The fight for the right to private property dates back to Western Europe, pre French Revolution, when individuals were forced to work on land owned by a higher power in which all the commodities and profits go towards a that higher power. Individuals were dehumanized and there was no room for competition because all land and production were controlled by the lords and royalty. There was then a shift of social political focus on the individual because individuals were starting to recognize that they were not being paid properly if anything at all. The fight for private property was initiated because individuals wanted to prevent the government from being able to freely take from businesses. By the government being able to freely take, the nation’s economy was not developing to its fullest potential. People developed the idea of private property because the right to property was seen as a key component in inalienable rights; private property was a new level of freedom for individuals. Having privately owned land and commodities means that the people can do whatever they want...

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