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The Effect Exercise Has On An Individual Lifestyle And Things That Would Prevent Them From Reaching Their Goals.

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AbstractObjective: This study examines how exercise affects an individual lifestyle and some reasons that may prevent that individual form reach their goals. PARICIPANTS: I used data form a survey conducted at the Chickahominy YMCA. The survey was conduct on a total of 56 participants of an age ranging from 16- Over 55 of age; they were asked a variety of question like 'Why do you exercise? Etc. The reason for this research is I see how individual were before they started doing physical activities and now that they have start being more physical how has that changed their lifestyle now. We would try to examine some of the benefits of exercising why people exercise and some of the delimiters that would prevent them reaching their goals. CONCLUSION: Regular exercise in men and women enhances the improvements in there lifestyles that results from the benefits of physical activities.Introduction:For the better part of human history physical activity and a healthier lifestyle were a normal part of people lives before society achieved the benefits of industrial modernization: technology developments, the automobile, labor saving devices, television, and computers. Thankfully things are changing. Today more people of all races, young and old, rich and female and male are now benefiting from physical activity and overall quality of life. During regular exercise will reduce your risk of many medical issues. It plays a vital role in maintaining body weight within healthy limits. It improves mental health, reduces stress and helps to maintain healthy bones and joints. Last but certainly not least, a diet of regular exercise has been shown to slow and in some cases even reverse many of the physical changes commonly attributed to aging (Luxbacher, Bonci, and King 2002).The aim of this research is to provide answers to questions and solutions to problems. It will serve as a reference for individual who wants information on the affects exercise has on their lives and some of the benefits of exercise. It will also serve as a reference to shown the poor lifestyles individual were living before embarking in physical activities and how certain delimiters can prevent that individual from reaching certain goals . As a personal trainer, I believe it' important to understand how exercising can make a huge difference in our lifestyle even if you feel that it's not for you. My goal in doing this reach is to convince individuals to take the road less traveled, knowing it will make all the difference in their life.*All statistics were created using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences)1. A look into the lifestylesIn this chapter, we present evidence of individual lifestyles before there journey to become fit. We look at recent studies conducted in relationships to the survey conduct on members of the Chickahimony YMCA. I can surely say from what I have seen as a personal trainer there are at lot of individual who are living a poor lifestyle. The individual I...

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