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The Effect Of Electronic Music On Mainstream Media

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Pop culture and mainstream media is a world of constant evolution, and throughout the ages music has been a factor in that said evolution. From the Jazz Movement of the 20’s to the Hip-Hop Revolution of the 90’s and everything in between, trends today and the basis of most Pop Culture revolved around what some would call “the sound of the decade”. Electronic Music has significantly changed the course of mainstream culture, had a remarkable rise in finance and business, all while making it today’s biggest music movement since the decade of Hip-Hop.
The impact of Electronic Music on mainstream culture is fairly obvious. Listening to the radio, watching music videos, watching television, and paying attention to who wins which award with what song all point to the same detail. The works of Electronic Music DJ’s and Producers, and the Pop stars they collaborate with. The crossover of Electronic-House DJ’s into pop culture is marked by the domination of Calvin Harris and David Guetta on mainstream radio airplay (Liu) and the awards DJ’s are accumulating for their work. For example, Skrillex, a well-known Dubstep DJ, has won six Grammy Awards as well as being nominated for the Grammy of Best New Artist, with Grammy nominations being just as hard to obtain as the award itself. DJ’s have also impacted mainstream music by being the reason behind some of the big hits of today’s biggest pop artists. One example of this would be Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s song, “We Found Love” that peaked at number one on the billboard charts in 2010 in the beginnings of the Electronic Music movement. Take note that Harris and Rihanna both also won a Grammy for the Best Short Form Music Video with “We Found Love”. Another example would also be Lady Gaga’s song, “Applause” produced by DJ White Shadow has become her biggest radio hit since “Bad Romance” peaking at number four on the billboard charts in 2013.
Electronic Music has also gained a bigger inclusion in higher education systems. Across the pond, London is beginning to increase bachelor degrees in Electronic Music and Disk Jockeying, in essence making it a more “formal” career to go into. “Electronic Dance Music, once an underground genre, is slowly making its way into mainstream music education as private studios and schools begin working with universities to create specialized degrees” (Marc). It should also be noted that even Virginia schools have started to pick up on the demand for a Music Production major. Old Dominion University is one of the few schools to currently offer Music Production as field to major in, even constructing a new building specifically for production that is planned to be completed by the fall 2014 semester.
In today’s day and age, something’s rise or success is heavily determined by the amount of money brought in because of it. The Electronic Music industry has proven that it fares quite well in the area of money, being valued currently at $20.0 billion. “The EDM market is a $15.0 to...

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