The Effect Of Sportsmanship And Motivation On Athletic Aggression

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The main objective of this experiment was to find what relationships threre are between sportsmanship, motivation and athletic aggression. There we three preset propositions that they anticipated for their theory: (a) self-determined sport motivation will be positively predictive of sportspersonship orientations, (b) sportspersonship orientations will mediate the relationship between self-determined sport motivation and athletic aggression, and (c) sportspersonship orientations will impact athletic aggression in two distinctive ways. A positive relationship between sports orientation and instrumental aggression is expected. Yet, a negative relationship is anticipated between the orientations and the reactive aggression.

To test their hypothesis they experiment with over 200 men in for two different studies. For the first study they tested 102 male physical education students and for the second study they tested 102 male athletes. For study one and study two the males completed the same set of scales: Sport Motivation Scale, Multidimensional Sportspersonship Orientations Scale, and Bredemeier's Athletic Aggression Inventory.

The results of study one were the same as the purposed ideas. Yet in study two, their hypothesis was incorrect.


The introduction starts off by explaining definitions of sportsmanship. They explain that there are a couple of different ways to look at sportsmanship. Sportspersonship pertains to athletes' endorsement or rejection of injurious or unsuitable acts in sport. Another way of referring to sportspersonship is to say that it provides a clear indication of the extent to which an athlete is willing to stretch the rules for victory. The definition the researchers liked best is that sportsmanship is represented by how athletes will be inclined to play the game.

Traditionally, investigations have identified the most important factors of sportspersonship behaviors. These investigations lead to three theoretical ideas. The first approach is the social learning. This approach believes that young athletes' different experiences of reinforcement mold their perceptions of what is appropriate or inappropriate conducts within their sport. The structural-developmental approach has related the participation in high-quality sportspersonship behaviors to the moral development of young athletes. The believers in this perspective believe that the more a child uses his or her moral reasoning the less likely they are to use aggression on the sports field, thereby suggesting behavioral predisposition parallel to those associated with sportspersonship.

The social-psychological view is the third perspective. This perspective is written about in the most depth. It explains that sportsmanship can be views in5 different ways. These five views are, "as "concern and respect for the rules and officials, social conventions, the opponent, as well as one's full commitment to one's...

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